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Every trade needs a standard vocabulary to refer to its environment, users, actions, products and results. Surprise, social media didn’t have one! So we took the bull by the horns, collected over 200 terms that we’d seen or used, and then edited, sorted and defined the list. The result is documented here, on the SMAC Wiki. As our industry grows, we will continually review and add those terms that reach a critical mass of usage.

We invite you to be part of the process! Learn to use these terms properly; share them with your colleagues; and by all means, give us feedback. The SMAC Standards Board reviews all submissions and publishes approved terms with proper credit.

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The list is divided into six categories:

    * Social Communities

    * Social Consumers

    * Social Engagements

    * Social Equity

    * Social Measurement

    * Social Platforms

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The SMAC common vocabulary working group:


Libby Pigg VP Media Strategy, Edelman Digital


  • Mike Barbeau  VP, Social Vibe
  • Stuart Bogaty SMAC Board Member
  • Jon Rygh
  • Shiv Singh VP, Social Media & Global Strategic Initiatives, Razorfish
  • John Schneider VP of Sales, Federated Media
  • David Woodrow SVP Sales & Partner Services, Gather